About Us

We are the first specialty pressed sushi & sober bar restaurant in North America.

In order to focus on modern sushi arrangements based on good old Japanese things, we focused on the origins of Oshi-sushi and Hako-sushi, which were made as preserved foods. COFU offers pressed sushi that allows customers to customize the type of rice and the combination of ingredients and sauces.
We have a wide variety of gluten-free and vegan menus that can be used by both health-conscious and allergic customers.
Our pressed sushi is not only vivid and beautiful to the eye, but also healthy and safe. We have developed a new style of eating pressed sushi with original sauce which made from vegetable.

Founder – Akiko Otsuka

Founder Akiko Otsuka opened COFU pressed sushi’s first shop in 2021, when the world took a turn as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many people suffered and many restaurants were forced to close but In Canada, where eating out is the culture while sushi is seen as a popular take-out type of menu, what would a service that captures the hearts of customers from a different angle look like? COFU pressed sushi started because I wanted to create a new store that has an impact to change the lives of people who came to visit our shop bringing in their various past experiences of beauty and fun.

“Pioneering a delicious and healthy new restaurant model.”

Come find out how we can get a health and beauty delicious food that possible.

Special Thanks – Sora Takayama

Sora is no stranger to the meat-free food scene. Back in 2015, he founded his one and only vegan pudding shops in the world, Vegan Pudding & Co.,