The image most people have of sushi refers mainly to nigiri sushi – that is, a piece of raw fish sitting atop a hand-shaped clump of vinegared rice. However, there are many different kinds of sushi out there, such as Inari sushi, and rolled sushi too.

Another popular variety is oshizushi or ‘pressed sushi’, which is made from layers of different toppings and sushi rice that are placed in a mold and
compressed together by weight, making them into a tightly pack sushi stack.

Oshizushi (a.k.a. oshi sushi—meaning “pressed sushi” or hakozushi / hako sushi—meaning “box sushi” in Osaka) is a traditional variation of sushi created during the 18th century in Osaka, Japan. Oshizushi was the prototype of sushi and has been around for 1000 years. It is pressed inside of a detachable wooden box known as an oshibako, oshizushihako, or hakozushigata.

This creates a perfect rectangular or cubed shape. Known for its clean aesthetic, this block-shaped sushi can fit perfectly in a bento box and is often arranged in an eye catching pattern.


COFU pressed Sushi “Black Rice”

What is black rice?

COFU uses black rice for all our sushi.
Most Japanese food also contains a lot of sugar, salt, and soy sauce, so it cannot be said that everything is healthy.
Japanese food = Totally everything healthy is not true.
COFU uses black rice as our main product for Pressed sushi. We use cane sugar and gluten-free soy sauce.
Our products are plant-based.


The reason is that it’s healthy!
It all started with my wish that everyone should be able to eat something safe to eat.
It’s a selfish and extravagant wish, but it’s tasty, healthy, and pretty, but also low in calories, high in fibre, and good for the skin.
This is the kind of product I wanted to create!